vinyl window colors

Now that manufacturing techniques have improved, you can rest assured that when you choose new vinyl widows that the color you want will be the color they’ll stay for years to come. However, choosing from the many vinyl window colors available today can be difficult. If that’s where you’re stuck but know you’re ready for new windows, we have some tips to help.

Start By Selecting a Manufacturer Who Offers Windows in Your Budget & Meets Your Energy Efficiency Goals

This is our preferred starting point when helping homeowners choose their vinyl window colors. When you have a specific manufacturer and window line that meets your needs, then you can select from those options. It’s disappointing to find a color you want only to learn that it’s either out of your price point or doesn’t meet ENERGY STAR® requirements for our area. Chances are good that there are a few brands and lines that suit your needs, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the window style in a color you love.

Choose Your Interior Color

Most manufacturers offer a standard set of vinyl window colors and an upgrade set of colors. For the interior, the standard colors are usually white, ivory and tan. Upgrade options range from black, brown, and grey to woodgrain offerings from some manufacturers. Most homeowners choose white or woodgrain. However, as black vinyl windows have grown in popularity for the exterior color, they have also grown, although not as quickly, as a popular interior option. Some people say that a black (or dark) window creates a frame for your view.

Finally Select Your Exterior Window Color

We suggest choosing this last because when you choose an upgrade for the interior, you may have more exterior vinyl window colors to choose from. We also think that the exterior can be the most difficult choice. There are many ways to settle on a color you love. You can look at what you have now, if it works and you love it, there’s no need to change. Also look at other houses similar in style and color to your own. That can help you find something fresh and new that improves your home’s curb appeal. A bold window can create a focal point while a neutral window will blend in with the rest of the home. Neither is right or wrong, it’s a matter of personal preferences. Keep in mind that, overall, you want your window color to compliment the rest of the colors on your home’s exterior.

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