entry door optionsIf it’s time for a new entry door for your home but you’re overwhelmed by the many entry door options, we have some suggestions that will help you choose the right one for your home. In today’s blog we’re going to assume that you’re not going to change the current opening size or style. We’ll focus on the entry door materials and options available across many door lines.

Choosing a Material

Different materials have different price points. However, adding windows and other decorative accents changes the cost. So, choosing a material solely on budget doesn’t completely work. You’ll want to talk about whether you want windows, a wood look finish or a painted door. Also discuss what type of security you want in the door itself. All of these will help your door installer help you choose a new entry door in your budget. Keep in mind that a basic steel door without windows is generally the least expensive option. Wood doors tend to be the most expensive material and fiberglass falls in the middle.


Of all the entry door options, windows are among the most popular. That’s mostly because doors with windows let in light. They also let you see who is at your door. Doors with windows come in many styles and types and, as such, can greatly enhance the door’s style. On the other hand, entry doors with windows are slightly less energy efficient. Some also feel that they are less secure.


Depending on the material you choose, the finish will vary. Wood doors can be painted or stained. Some manufactures of steel, aluminum and fiberglass doors offer a woodgrain finish. If you choose a fiberglass, steel or aluminum door and want a wood look, make sure the door you’re considering comes in a wood-grained finish. Grained doors can be stained or painted and look like real wood. Smooth finishes look best painted.


As you consider your entry door options, think about how much maintenance you want to do. Of course, all doors require some level of maintenance. For example, you’ll need to replace weather stripping every five or so years no matter what door material and finish you choose. If your door is exposed to direct sunlight, you’ll likely have to repaint or stain it more often. And, generally, wood doors require more maintenance than other materials. The door company you choose can help you understand the maintenance of different door materials and finishes you’re considering.

Blair Windows & Doors Offers Many Entry Door Options

Not only do we work with different manufacturers, but those manufacturers have many materials from which you can choose your new entry door. Our team can help you choose the right material, style and finish for your home and budget. Call Blair Windows & Doors for your free quote on entry doors or any other door or window need you have. We serve the greater Indianapolis area from our local office. Call (317) 356-4666 or fill out our contact form today.

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