traditional or contemporary windowsBecause there are so many window manufacturers, window styles and, of course, colors to choose from, you may be overwhelmed trying to decide what new windows best suit your home. There are reasons why you can still find a traditional single hung 6/6 window and just as many as to why there are contemporary windows in all colors and styles. Choosing the right one for your home doesn’t have to be exhausting. A lot comes down to the home’s style, your style and preferences.

Modern or Contemporary – What’s the Difference?

Some window companies use the terms modern and contemporary interchangeably. However, we like to think that any new ENERGY STAR® rated window is a modern window as it includes the energy saving features such as Low-E glass and insulated frames. So, we’re using the word contemporary rather than modern when referring to the window style.

Traditional Windows

If you drive through Meridian or other areas where there are historic homes, you’ll find that almost every one has single or double hung windows. Furthermore, those windows often have a 6/6 or 8/8 window grid or grille pattern. Most are white, cream or another neutral color on the outside. If you were inside one of those homes, the windows would either be stained or painted wood. And, if painted, most likely, white.

Many Recently Built Homes Have Single Hung Windows

Because single hung windows are the most affordable window styles, they are still common in subdivisions throughout the greater Indianapolis. Even homes being built now likely have single hung windows, however, to give them a more contemporary look, the builders may choose a more up to date grille pattern for the windows. Even if you have a contemporary style home, you can have single or double hung windows. Choose different options in the window grids and a color other than white or ivory and you’ve created more contemporary windows.

Contemporary Windows

If you are building a new home or want to update your current home to include many of today’s contemporary styles, consider casement windows and picture windows. Architects designing contemporary buildings include windows that let in natural light and are minimalistic compared to a traditional building. When designing a new contemporary home, the architect will often include black casement windows without window grids. Don’t think that you have to choose black window frames if you want contemporary windows, however, don’t be afraid to choose a non-traditional color.

Blair Windows Can Help You Choose the Right Style Windows

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