bi-fold patio doors

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There are many door options to connect your indoor space with your outdoor space. Although most people think first about sliding doors or perhaps French doors, bi-fold patio doors are growing in popularity. How do you choose the right door for your home? They all have different pros and cons, keep reading and you may realize which is best for your needs.


Surprising to many, the least expensive option will depend very much on the size of your opening and the size of the panes of glass in each option. A sliding glass door with two or three 4’ X 8’ sliding panels may be more expensive than a bi-fold patio door with multiple panes that are only two or three feet wide. French doors vary in cost based on door and glass size. Your window and door company will be able to help you choose an option that fits your budget.


French doors require the most space. As most homeowners choose to have them open into their home, you need both wall space and clearance to allow them the space to open. Bi-fold patio doors require some additional space as they fold and need some clearance as they are opened. Sliding doors are best for spaces with little clearance.

Energy Efficiency

It’s hard to definitively rank energy efficiency of these three door types. If you choose French doors without glass, they’re going to be the most energy efficient. However, since most people want natural light, that’s rarely the option homeowners choose. In most cases, a sliding glass door or French door are slightly more energy efficient than a bi-fold patio door. However, talk to your window and door company about the energy efficiency of the options you’re considering.

Unobstructed Views

When opened, a bi-fold patio door provides a larger opening without interruption than a sliding or French door. When closed, a sliding door provides a more uninterrupted view. If you’re looking to let in as much natural light into your home, a sliding door may be the best option.

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