bi-fold doors or folding patio doors

Photo Courtesy of Lincoln Windows & Doors

Although there are many brands of bi-fold doors on the market, we sell and install Lincoln’s. However, the benefits we’re sharing today, apply to many brands. We’ve chosen Lincoln because of their quality, appearance and competitive price point. They call their product folding patio doors.

Benefits of Folding Patio Doors

Whether you call this style door bi-fold or folding patio doors, most brands have many of the same benefits.

  • Secure, Yet Compact – Because they have locks on every pane, a closed and locked bi-fold door is more secure than a sliding door. And when they’re open, they are open, because they stow away much more compact than a sliding door.
  • Natural Light – Whether they are open or closed, they let in a great deal of natural light.
  • Combine Indoor & Outdoor Living Space – One reason that they’re often called folding patio doors is that they are most often installed opening onto a patio. When open, your inside and outside entertainment and living spaces become one.
  • Highly Customizable – Most homeowners choose floor to ceiling height and as large an opening as possible, the options are virtually limitless. With bifold doors multiple door widths panels and many color options, you can create the look you want.

Why Lincoln Folding Patio Doors

As an independent window company, we’ve researched the options when it comes to bi-fold doors. After much evaluation, we chose Lincoln for many reasons. First, the panels can be as wide as 35 12/16” and up to 105.25”. You can connect up to eight panels in any one direction. We also love their color options. In addition to eight standard colors on their aluminum clad folding patio doors, they also offer featured and custom colors. And, if you want primed or natural wood, they are an option too. You can choose from many natural wood finishes for your home’s interior.

Of course, Lincoln’s folding patio doors are all energy efficient with insulated glass. You can choose from any of their Low-E coatings so that your energy goals are met. Argon gas fill is available in all models and standard in many. Of course, the glass itself is tempered. You can choose from many options for grilles and hardware as well.

Blair Windows & Doors is Your Local Option for Lincoln Bi-Fold Doors.

Let us help you with all your new window and door needs. We offer many brands of replacement windows depending on your home’s unique needs. And, if bi-fold doors aren’t the right option for your home or budget, well help you find a solution that works from one of our leading manufacturers. Call us today for your free quote and consultation – (317) 356-4666 or fill out our contact form.

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