energy efficient replacement windowsAlthough you can’t have an energy efficient window with just one pane of glass, just because your windows have two or more panes doesn’t necessarily mean they’re energy efficient. Something else you may not know is that a window manufacturer can’t just claim energy efficiency. All windows must be tested and rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NRFC).

The NRFC is an independent organization that tests windows they buy for the purpose of rating them on many factors. If you missed our blog about the NRFC window stickers, click here. Once they test the window, the results determine if that window is ENERGY STAR® rated for your part of the country. Over the next two blogs, we’re going to explore the elements that make a window energy efficient so you can ask questions and have some understanding of energy efficient replacement windows.

What Elements Affect a Window’s Energy Efficiency?

There are five elements that can make a window more or less energy efficient. They are:

  1. Window Frame Design & Construction
  2. Window Frame Material
  3. Glass & Gas Fill
  4. Style of Window
  5. Installation

As you look at the list, you should begin to understand that windows in the same manufacturer’s line that are different styles can have different energy efficiency ratings. And, windows from the same manufacturer in different lines can have different energy efficiency ratings too.

Why Design & Construction Matter

Window manufacturers put a lot into their window design. They want the windows to look good, operate as they should and achieve high energy efficiency ratings. One way they do that is to fusion weld the corners on the frames and sashes. Not only does this make the windows more energy efficient, but also more durable.

How Materials Are Different

Vinyl is the most popular of window materials these days. When it comes to choosing your energy efficient replacement windows, vinyl ranks very high. Vinyl doesn’t transfer heat like metal windows do. And, if you choose a foam filled frame, like those offered by Vinylmax, you’ll have an even more energy efficient window than a frame that isn’t. Many wood and clad windows are also highly energy efficient, as wood is a natural insulator.

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