double pane windowsYour old single pane and drafty windows can account for a significant amount of energy loss in your home every day. This is most true on cold, windy winter days. In fact, new double pane windows can save you money, keep you more comfortable and protect your belongings better than old single pane windows you likely have in your home today. Here’s how.

Double Pane Windows Insulate Better

You may wonder why adding a thin pane of glass improves your home’s energy efficiency. Although the extra pane of glass plays a small part in making a window more energy efficient, the space between the glass is where the most insulating happens. Air and other inert gases, like Argon, are great insulators. When your home is better insulated, your heating and cooling bills go down.

Because your heating and cooling costs are lower with an energy efficient home, your HVAC system isn’t working as hard. That leads to a longer life expectancy over a unit that constantly cycles on and off, saving you from replacing the unit as quickly as you might with a less energy efficient home.

New Windows Keep Out the Drafts

New custom windows are made for your home. They fit in every window opening just as they should. Quality replacement windows are also better constructed than most of the cheap windows used by builders ten and 20 years ago. That means there are fewer places that drafts can come in. With new double pane windows, you can comfortably sit near your windows all winter long, enjoying the sunlight and scenery without feeling the cold winter winds coming through every crack.

Low-E Glass Protects Your Belongings

The purpose of Low-E glass is to keep the radiant heat from the summer sun out of your home and the heat you’re paying for in winter in your home. However, it also protects your belongings from fading. Old windows let in UV light which is responsible for fading furniture, rugs and curtains. Low-E glass in most of today’s replacement windows blocks a significant percentage of UV light so there’s almost no fading from the sun.

It’s Not Too Late for Replacement Windows Before Winter

We’ve had a few phone calls recently asking if it’s too late to get new windows before winter. The good news is that it’s not. Most window companies require about four to six weeks for custom triple or double pane windows for your home. Our estimates are always free and because we’re an independent window company, we have many brands you can choose from so you can always find something you love that’s in your budget. Call us today at (317) 356-4666 to schedule your free estimate and feel the difference new windows make this winter!

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