new construction windowsAlthough new construction windows and replacement windows can have the same energy efficient rating, they’re not the same windows. Some manufacturers make both new construction and replacement windows and do both well. However, you should be aware of when is the right time to use a new construction window and when you should choose a replacement window.

Four Situations When New Construction Windows Are Best

The main difference between a new construction and replacement window is the part of the window called a nail or nailing fin. The nailing fin surrounds the window and is attached to the frame before the siding or other exterior material is installed. So, the four times you should choose a new construction window are:

  1. For your new construction home
  2. For an addition to your home
  3. When your walls are damaged to the point where you need to replace the studs
  4. When you’re replacing both your windows and siding at the same time

The reason new construction windows are better in these situations is that they can be securely attached to the window frame without damaging the home’s exterior. Because new construction windows are slightly less expensive than comparable replacement windows, they are a good choice when there isn’t yet an exterior finish on the home.

Replacement Windows Are for Replacing Windows Without Removing Siding

The benefit of replacement windows is the that your replacement window company measures the window opening. Then they are custom built for your existing window openings. Although at first glance replacement windows may seem more expensive, when you factor in the installation is much less labor intensive when the home is already finished, they end up significantly cheaper. The installation of a replacement window doesn’t require removing your siding. Because of this, it takes, on average, just a few minutes per window.

Blair Windows & Doors offers both replacement and new construction windows. We work with builders, architects, and homeowners to find the best window for every situation. The many manufacturers we offer have windows in a variety of finishes and materials so you can find one perfect for your new or existing home. Call 317-356-4666 for your no obligation consultation and estimate today.



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