Whether you’re building a new home or looking for replacement windows, one of most popular options today is black aluminum clad windows. Black windows for home exteriors are trending but many homeowners aren’t sure they want to commit to black windows inside their homes. Here are some reasons to consider black aluminum clad windows.

Stylish with Low Maintenance

One complaint any vinyl window is the plain frame. When you choose aluminum clad windows, you get the styling of wood. Rather than deal with how quickly rain, snow and the sun fade and negatively impact painted wood windows, black aluminum clad windows requires little maintenance and will remain true to color for years to come.

Strength and Durability

Although most windows made today, whether they’re aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass, will protect your home, aluminum clad windows are stronger than most. The structural integrity of an aluminum clad window simply can’t be matched. And, they’re dent resistant.

Energy Efficient

Most of our focus on energy efficiency is focused on the dual panes of glass and Low-E coating. However, another aspect of energy efficiency is in the frame. Because they’re wood under the aluminum, there’s little heat (or cold) transference. Aluminum windows are often cold to the touch in the winter which means the cold transfers into your home. Black windows can transfer heat as black absorbs heat more than light colors. However, a black aluminum clad window won’t transfer heat into the home because wood doesn’t have that issue.

Better Resale Value

Whether you know you’re selling your home in a few years or just might sell it, investing in black aluminum clad windows is a great decision. Black windows overall have been growing in popularity and we don’t see that trend changing. Clad windows overall provide a greater return on investment. Combining the two together can make your home a leading contender for a prospective buyer.

Meet Nearly All Historical Community Standards

Many of our older communities with historic homes have requirements or guidelines where the windows must remain in keeping with the home’s style. Because aluminum clad windows are meant to mimic wood, they meet that standard. Depending on your home and the community, you may be able to choose black aluminum clad windows for your home and give it a modern twist.

If you’re looking for windows for your new construction home or replacement windows for your existing home, Blair Windows & Doors can help. We work with several manufacturers some of which offer black aluminum clad windows and many who have other material black replacement windows, Of course, we also offer countless colors and many materials for new construction and replacement. Call us today at (317) 356-4666 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free estimate.

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