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Finding a home in this competitive market can be difficult. Not only are homes selling quickly but there are far more buyers than sellers. Because of this, you will likely have only a short time to decide if you’re going to make an offer. You won’t have time to get a free replacement window estimate before you make an offer. You need to go into your home search armed with as much knowledge about what to look for as possible. Windows are one of those things that many homeowners overlook. However, they’re also one of the things that often need replacing.

What To Look For in the Home’s Windows

Although your home inspector will open a few windows in the home and look at them for signs of damage or abuse, you should do your own due diligence. Open a few windows in the home you’re considering. Are they easy to open and close? Do you feel heat or drafts coming through them as your standing near them? Do they have locks and do those locks work?

It’s fairly easy to look at a window and determine if it has two or more panes of glass, however, it’s not as easy to know if the glass is Low-E glass. Low-E glass is more energy efficient than standard glass and is in all replacement windows today. Here is a simple way to determine if the glass has a Low-E coating – take a lighter with you. Hold it in front of the window’s glass. You should see multiple (3 or 4) flames reflected. If one of those flames is a different color (slightly blue rather than orange), they have Low-e glass in them.

Do You Need to Replace the Windows Before Moving In?

If you determine that one renovation you need to do is replacing the windows, you don’t need to do it before you move in. Although replacing the windows in the home takes time, it’s not like replacing the roof or moving walls. Typically, depending on the number of windows in the home, your window company will spend 2 – 4 days replacing the windows going room by room so your home is never completely exposed to the elements. That means replacing windows can happen before you move in or after without much interruption to your daily life.

Who to Call?

There are many companies who offer window replacement in the Indianapolis area, but Blair Windows is the oldest and most experienced locally owned and operated company here. We are an independent window company which means that we offer many brands, styles and materials for your new windows. Call us today at (317) 356-4666 or fill out our contact form for your free replacement window estimate.

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