are my windows low-e glass windowsLow-E glass has been a staple in most new and replacement windows since the late 1980’s. Chances are fairly good that if your home was built in the 90’s or later, you have Low-E glass windows. When replacement windows companies pitch their products, one of the buzz words they often use is Low-E glass replacement windows and rightfully so. It’s a great feature but shouldn’t be the only reason you replace your windows.

What is Low-E Glass?

The full name is low emissivity glass. Basically, it’s a thin coating added to the glass during the manufacturing process. It’s transparent so you can’t tell just by looking at your windows whether it’s there or not. It’s purpose it to reduce the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared light that comes through your windows from the sun.

Because of the UV blocking, your furniture, carpets, drapes and anything else in the window area won’t fade as quickly. Plus, in the winter when we’re heating our homes, the glass works the same way, reflecting the heat back into your home that you’re paying for.

How Can I Tell if I Have Low-E Glass Windows?

Light a match or lighter. Hold it up to the glass and look for four reflections of the flame (assuming you have double pane windows). One should be a bit clearer and a slightly different color. If they’re all the same, you likely have standard windows.

Not All Low-E is The Same

Technological advances have improved Low-E glass. There are now many different types, some have more UV protection, others have greater visible light transference. Depending what you’re looking for can influence the brand and style replacement window you choose.

Should Low-E Glass Be My Prime Reason for Replacing My Windows

That depends. Every home and business owner has different reasons for replacing their windows. If you don’t have Low-E glass windows, you’re likely spending more on heating and cooling costs that you could be if you did. However, Low-E glass alone doesn’t make a window energy efficient. If you’d like to learn more about different replacement windows, all with Low-E glass, call Blair Windows and Doors. We offer many brands and styles of energy efficient replacement windows. Reach us at (317) 356-4666 or fill out our contact form.

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