custom windowsAll too often when people here the term “custom” they think expensive. However, when you compare custom windows and stock replacement windows, the price difference isn’t significant. Especially considering the differences between them. If you’re looking for replacement windows in Indianapolis, here’s why you should consider custom windows over simply buying windows off the shelf at a big box store.

Your Home Settles Over Time

Whether your home is ten years old and this is your first time replacing windows or the home is a historic home that has had new windows in the past, the window openings have changed since the windows were first installed. When you hire a window company to measure and install custom windows, you get a more precise fit. Because they fit as they should, they better protect your home against the elements. It also increases your home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners often find that the cheaper stock windows also often end up costing more in the long run because they have to modify the window frame in order to ensure a good fit. That can mean hours or days your home is exposed to the elements.

Custom Windows Are Higher Quality Windows

Custom windows are built for each customer’s exact window openings. They are not mass produced. Most custom window manufacturers inspect each window prior to shipping it to the installer. Because they are made for your home, the manufacturer knows approximately when the window was installed. They base the warranty off that date. Mass produced windows may sit in a warehouse for weeks, months or even years. You may find that the warranty you thought you were getting with the window isn’t what you thought it was. Custom windows also come with better warranties because they know that the window companies who sell and install them handle them with care and install them properly.

You Have Options When You Choose Custom

Although window from the big box stores come in a few colors and styles, when you choose custom windows from a local window company, you create it as you want it to be from their many options. That includes more than just the frame and sash color. You can also choose the grilles, gas fill, hardware and other options depending on the manufacture and the line you choose.

Let Blair Windows Help You Find the Right Replacement Windows

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