Polaris replacement windowsBecause we’re an independent window company in Indianapolis, we can choose which manufacturer’s windows we want to sell and install. We only choose the best products because we want satisfied customers. Recently we’ve added Polaris replacement windows to our offering because they are great looking, durable, energy efficient, and offer a wide variety of options for homeowners just like you.

Superior Manufacturing Practices Create Better Windows

There are two categories of vinyl windows, those with fusion welded frames and those without. Polaris replacement windows have fusion welded frames. That means they are less likely to crack or split. Their window frames and sashes are also multi-chamber rather than a solid material which means they are stronger than a solid frame and are less likely to warp.

Quality Vinyl

Vinyl windows had a bad reputation for quite a while. They warped, faded and cracked. When you choose Polaris replacement windows, your windows won’t peel, look chalky or spotty and they maintain a consistent color. That’s because of the unique vinyl extrusion process used by Polaris Windows & Doors®

Exceptionally Energy Efficient

The multi-chamber frame that makes the windows stronger, also add to the frame’s insulation value. A Low-E protective layer, located between the panes, reduces UV damage and solar heat gain. Choose one of the lines with an Argon gas fill and you’ll see even greater energy savings over a standard air fill. If you want windows rated as Most Efficient by ENERGY STAR®, choose the Ultimate2 or Ultimate Plus2 glass packages.


Depending on the line of Polaris replacement windows you choose, the options vary. For example, the Ultraweld line offers 11 exterior colors and six interior finish options. Of course, all lines offer multiple options for muntins and glass. Polaris is one of the few window manufacturers that offers interior mini-blinds (also called blinds between glass) and options for window screen.

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