updating a home's windows with vinyl replacement windowsUpdating a home’s windows is about more than just improving energy efficiency or replacing something that’s broken. Although those are both great reasons, there are other, often surprising, benefits to replacing your windows. If you looking for more than one of the reasons above to invest in new windows for your home, keep reading.

1.      A Quieter Home

Double pane windows provide not only insulation against the heat and cold extremes Indianapolis experiences each year, but also noise insulation. If your home is in a noisy area or you just want a quiet home, consider an Argon gas fill or triple pane windows to maximize noise reduction.

2.      UV Protection

Older windows in need of replacing rarely have Low-E glass. When updating a home’s windows, Low-E glass reduces the fading your floors or carpets, window treatments, and furnishing experience. Most Low-E glass blocks at least 30% of the harmful UV rays from the sun without significantly reducing the amount of natural light that comes into the home. It also reduces glare. If you want more UV protection, consider additional window film.

3.      Safety

Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s security from people getting into your home or your family’s safety inside the home, updating a home’s windows does both. First, windows that no longer open can block an escape route in the event of a fire. Windows that don’t stay open can suddenly slam shut and harm a person in the home or shatter glass leading to injury. Of course, windows with broken locks or even plastic locks are less secure than many new windows today.

4.      Reduces Wear & Tear on Your HVAC System

Because older windows are less energy efficient, your HVAC system runs more often. New windows can add to the life of your HVAC unit which reduces its average annual operating cost. So, not only do you save money because it runs less often, but also save money from repair/replacing the unit as often or as quickly.

5.      Tax Incentives

Right now is a great time to consider replacement windows. Not only will you get all of the benefits mentioned above, but when you chose eligible energy efficient windows, you can also benefit from federal, and sometimes local, tax incentives.

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We think these are all great less than obvious reasons for updating your home’s windows. If you’d like to learn how your new windows can improve your home’s curb appeal and comfort, we have information about that too. Of course, you can also call us for a free in-home consultation at (317) 356-4666 or fill out our contact form today.

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