storm windows being installedAlthough for some homeowners storm doors and windows are a thing of the past, they do still have a vital purpose. They provide increased energy-efficiency to homes as well as added security. If you’re wondering if storm windows are right for your home, today’s blog may help. If you missed part one of this two-part blog series covering storm doors, click here.

Who Needs Storm Windows

If you’ve recently installed replacement windows or are in a newly built home that already has double pane windows, you would be wasting your money by purchasing storm windows. However, if you have older wood windows or single pane windows, but they still function as they should and look good, you might want to consider storm windows for the energy savings they provide. You’ll find that quality vinyl storm windows can cost significantly less than replacement windows and provide many of the same benefits.

Who Should Consider Storm Windows Rather than Replacement Windows

Storm windows aren’t the right solution for every home. However, if you’re in a historic home with quality wood windows and wish you had the energy-efficiency of new double-pane windows, you should consider them. One option is to install them inside the home which means your architectural committee doesn’t even need to approve the change.

If your budget doesn’t allow for replacement windows, storm windows may be a good alternative. As long as your existing windows still work and look good, this can be a money saving alternative. Just be sure to choose quality storm windows or you’ll be wasting more money than you save.


Storm windows can go either inside or outside your existing windows. The benefit of interior ones is that they’re easier to install on upstairs windows. Another option to consider is the pane material. Although plastic and glass are both available, glass will last longer. Laminated glass can offer even more benefits like solar reflectivity. Like the windows themselves, the frames can be made of aluminum, vinyl, and wood. The most common and cost-effective material is vinyl.

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