double hung windowIf you’re building a home or replacing windows in your existing home, you should consider double hung windows. Although, you’ll spend a bit more on a double hung window than the single hung option, there are differences even though they look the same. The significant benefits of a double hung window make the slight increase in cost well worth it.

If you’re not familiar with the term single hung and double hung when it comes to windows, the difference is in the sash. On a single hung window, the bottom sash can be opened by pushing up. With a double hung window, you can push the bottom sash up, the top sash down or open both slightly at the same time. The reason double hung windows are more expensive is because there are more moving parts. Here are the main benefits of double hung windows.

Better Air Flow

If you have a room with just one window, in order to get good air flow, you have to leave the door open and have another window nearby for cross ventilation. However, if a bedroom or other small room in your home has just one window, and you’ve chosen a double hung window, you can open both sashes partially for increased air flow.

Easier Cleaning

When you clean a modern single hung window, the bottom sash tilts in so you can clean both the inside and outside of the window. The top sash is often neglected, especially on upper stories. With a double hung window, both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning. No need to hire a window cleaning company, no need to climb a ladder and try to balance while cleaning. Do it all safely from inside your home which ties into our third benefit of double hung windows. If you’re currently paying a window cleaning company once or twice a year, the difference in cost of single and double hung windows can be quickly recouped.

Enhanced Safety

There are a few ways double hung windows are safer than single hung. First, if you have small children and feel that leaving windows open can be a danger for them leaning over and falling out, just open the top sash of a double hung window. You’ll enjoy the fresh air without the safety concerns. If leaving windows open at night is a concern, opening the top sash is a safer option than lifting the bottom one.

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