Franklin Vinylmax Window

Franklin Vinylmax Window photo courtesy of Vinylmax

We sell many brands of windows because we understand that homes are different styles. Also, owners have different preferences and budgets. However, one of our favorite and most frequently bought windows is any window from the Franklin Vinylmax window line. If you’re looking at replacement windows, here’s why Franklin Vinylmax windows should be on your short list to consider.

Exceptional Standard Features

Some of the standard features on the Franklin Vinylmax window are upgrades on other manufacturer’s windows.  We love the fact that the dual push-button ASTM night locks limit how far the window can open. This provides additional safety for your family while allowing fresh air into the home anytime. The double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning. The sliding window sashes lift out for easy cleaning. And they all come with the BetterVue™ window screens. Finally, the composite locks are 50% stronger than the plastic locks on comparative windows.

So Many Options

Just because the Franklin Vinylmax window is a vinyl window doesn’t mean it only comes in a few colors. In fact, not only can you get these windows with a tan or white interior, but they also offer laminate woodgrain options. As for the exterior colors, you can choose from 11 options. And if you choose a window grid, you have many options for styles and profiles.

Made in the USA, Energy Efficient & Exceptional Warranty

Not only are their windows made in the US, but they source the majority of the parts from other US businesses. This means your windows are supporting local communities and have American made quality. They are an ENERGY STAR® partner and, as long as you select a glass package that meets the requirements for the greater Indianapolis area, you’ll be eligible for the tax incentives currently available. And, don’t overlook the value of their Limited Lifetime Warranty. This comprehensive warranty covers the vinyl against warping, chipping, cracking, blistering and rotting. The hardware warranty ensures that any cracking, breaking or other failure with normal use is covered. The glass coverage includes seal failure as well a spontaneous and accidental breakage. There’s even screen coverage!

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