is it time to replace my windows?We decided to start a question and answer series for those of you who are beginning to consider new windows. During our free in-home consultations, we’re often asked some variation of the question, “Do I need to replace my windows?” If you’ve already called a window company, chances are that you’re seeing or feeling something in your home that means it’s time for new windows. So, in no particular order, here are some signs it’s time to replace your windows.

Your Notice a Draft When Near Your Windows

Older windows, especially single pane ones, lack insulation. However, even double and triple pane windows fail. If you can feel the wind coming in between the sashes or around the window itself, you need new windows. Today’s multi-pane windows reduce drafts because the gas between the panes act as insulation. Most quality vinyl replacement windows also have insulated frames to further reduce drafts and heat transference.

Windows That Don’t Open or Close Properly Need Replacing

Even if you don’t like to open your windows and let in the fresh air occasionally, windows that don’t open and stay open can be dangerous if you need to get out of the home in an emergency. Windows that don’t close all the way waste energy. They are also an easy way for a burglar to gain access to your home.

You Wish Your Home Were Quieter

Windows that insulate against heat and cold also insulate against noise. If you’re not sleeping well due to outside noises getting in, you’ve just found a great reason to answer yes to the question, “Should I replace my windows.”

Unexplained Increase in Utility Usage

Although windows aren’t the only reason you may see an increase in your utility usage, when a window (or several) fail, they lead to higher energy usage. So, if you notice your HVAC unit cycling more often than it use to and you know there’s nothing wrong with your AC or furnace, it’s likely that you have failing windows.


Condensation inside your windows or between the panes often means that your window seals have failed. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this. We’ve seen this as early as five years after installation in builder grade windows.

They Just Look Bad

Unfortunately, like most things in your home, your windows weren’t meant to last forever. If you have wood windows and the frames are decaying, aluminum windows with splitting seams or vinyl windows with broken locks or sashes that are no longer true to square, you should consider replacing your windows. It’s highly likely that they’re not doing their job in insulating your home.

Blair Windows Offers Many Replacement Window Options

As an independent and locally owned and operated window company, we offer many brands, styles and options in replacement windows. We’re happy to schedule a free in-home consultation. Just call us at (317) 356-4666 and say, “I need to replace my windows.” You can also fill out our contact form.

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