thickness extruded aluminum clad windows

If you’ve decided that aluminum clad windows are the right windows for your home, you should understand the differences in the two manufacturing processes. The two types of aluminum clad exteriors are roll form and extruded aluminum clad. Although the exterior may be the same material, that is where the similarities end.

Extruded Aluminum Clad Windows

The process of manufacturing an extruded aluminum clad window is more complex than that of roll form aluminum clad windows. In short, the heated aluminum is forced into a die the shape of that portion of the window. This manufacturing process requires more aluminum which generally makes the exterior of the windows more durable. Most manufacturers who offer extruded aluminum windows also include a buffing and polishing finishing process. This allows for a better and longer lasting finish. Extruded aluminum clad windows are offered in many colors.

Roll Form Aluminum Clad Windows

As the name suggests, roll form aluminum clad windows are manufactured by rolling sheets of aluminum into a desired shape. This method is often preferred for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in producing standardized shapes and profiles. Roll forming allows for precise dimensions and consistent quality across mass-produced windows, making it a popular choice for projects where uniformity is key. Rarely do roll form aluminum windows have as durable a finish as their extruded counterparts.

Which is Best?

That very much depends on your preferences and needs. Quality extruded aluminum clad windows are more durable, will last longer and look better longer than a quality roll form window. If you need a large profile window or something intricate in design, you may find your only option of the two is an extruded aluminum clad window. Of course, if your primary concern is energy efficiency, you’ll want to look at each window you’re considering and compare them using the NFRC data. For Comparison, extruded aluminum clad is the thickness of a quarter, where roll form is very thin like the aluminum used on a soda can.  Extruded aluminum is the top choice among consumers for durability for both new and replacement windows.

Blair Windows Offers Quaker & Lincoln Extruded Aluminum Widows

Although we can sell and install other brands, we believe the difference in price is negligible when compared to the durability and other benefits that you get when you choose windows made through the extrusion process. Many customers call us for a quote and then are surprised that some of the national brands they have quotes for are cheaper. We caution them to make sure that the windows they are considering are extruded and not roll form. In the end, many call us back and choose either Quaker or Lincoln through Blair Windows for the durability, energy efficiency and warranties. Call us today at (317) 356-4666 or fill out our contact form for your free quote.

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