energy efficient replacement windows

Most homeowners understand that energy efficient replacement windows can help reduce their electric bills, however, the benefits go beyond just that. If you’ve been putting off replacing your old windows because you understand that you’re not going to get back your investment just from heating and cooling savings, here are some other things you should consider.

More Comfortable Home

Old windows can be drafty. Although it is more noticeable in the winter, the drafts make for an uncomfortable home. If you walk by or sit near your windows and feel the outside air, you have drafty windows. They aren’t helping your home’s comfort or utility bills.

Some, especially older metal windows, have window frames that are hot or cold to the touch depending on the season. On a hot summer day, even on a window not in direct sunlight, the glass may be hot. This is called heat transference. Energy always moves from hot to cold. In this case, the energy is heat and it’s moving from the hot air outside to the glass in your windows to the cooler air in your home. With energy efficient replacement windows, their Low-E glass and multiple panes reduce heat transference significantly. With less heat transference, you’ll have a more comfortable home, especially near your windows.

Longer Lasting HVAC System

We all know that as the temperature goes up or down significantly, we run our HVAC system more often. Just like your car, the more it’s used, the shorter its life. When you upgrade your home with energy efficient replacement windows, your HVAC system will not have to work as hard and can last longer. The average life is between 15 and 25 years. Most HVAC company websites say that it varies so greatly depending on maintenance and usage. So, when you have an energy efficient home, which starts with the windows, you can get many more years out of your HVAC system than if you don’t have energy efficient windows.

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