there are many windows styles, the best window style is a matter of opinion.As we continue our blog series intended to help people make an informed decision regarding their new window purchase, in this blog and our next, we’re focusing on window styles. The topics we’re covering today include:

  • Single & Double hung windows and their similarities and differences.
  • Casement windows and why they are increasingly the window style of choice.
  • Sliding windows and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • The differences between bay and bow windows.

But first, we’d like to answer the common question about replacing windows with the same style. Unless your home is in a historic area and subject to historical review, you do not need to choose the same window style as is currently in your home.

Single Hung Windows vs. Double Hung Windows

At first glance, these two window styles look the same. For homeowners who can choose the best window style for their needs, many choose to replace their single hung windows with double hung windows because they like the option of being able to raise or lower either sash. With a single hung window, you can only lift the lower sash. A double hung window means both sashes move. Because there are more moving parts, double hung windows are more expensive than single hung.

Casement Windows

If you’re not familiar with casement windows, they are hinged on the side and open using a hand crank. Casement windows continue to grow in popularity for three main reasons. First, they are easy to open and close for all ages no matter what is beneath them. Second, they offer an uninterrupted view. And, finally, because they are the most energy efficient window that can open and close. They do come at a higher price tag than single or double hung windows. One word of warning – the window screen is on the inside of the home in a casement window.

Sliding Windows

The biggest advantage of sliding windows is that you can turn a wall of windows into an expansive view while still being able to open those windows for fresh air. If you have several windows together or a window that is wider than tall, they are the best window style. If your window is taller than wide, they aren’t generally a good option. As for their cost, you’ll spend a bit more than what you would spend for a similar size double hung windows.

Bay and Bow Windows

Although these terms are used interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. In a bay window you have a picture window in the center with one or two either casement or single/double hung windows on either side. A bow window consists of three or more of the same windows in a rounded configuration. Bay windows have harder angles.

Blair Windows & Doors Offers All Window Styles

In addition to the window styles above, we also offer transom and picture windows. Because we work with several manufacturers, we have more optiosn to help you find the best window style for your home and budget. In our next blog we’ll talk about the options for your windows that you’ll need to decide before you finalize your window purchase. Ready to get started? Call us at (317) 356-4666 or fill out our contact form today.

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