why do my windows fog upAt this time of year, as the weather turns colder, we receive many calls asking that very question. However, why windows fog up isn’t always easy to answer. That’s because there are several reasons, and the answer as to why your house windows fog up requires a a bit more information – specifically, where the fog, or condensation more appropriately, is. Let’s look at some reasons your windows have condensation.

Condensation or Fog Inside

There are a few reasons that your windows fog up inside your home. The most common is from humidity or water vapor in the room. This is most common and rarely a cause for concern in a bathroom, near your dryer or even in the kitchen. You can reduce or even prevent this by using an exhaust fan in the bathroom and kitchen. Keeping the laundry room door open can reduce it in the laundry room.

If your windows have condensation on the inside and not in one of the areas above, look at the plants in the room. Did you recently bring your plants inside to protect them from the cold outside? If so, they may be contributing to the condensation or fog on the window. Spread them throughout your home and see if that solves the problem.

Condensation Outside

This is fairly common. It’s rarely a cause for concern. If you simply wait a few hours for the temperature to warm, it will dissipate. It happens because the window’s surface is colder than the dew point. Much like fog in the air.

Condensation Between Your Glass Panes

This problem tends to indicate a more serious problem. Usually it’s because the seal of your windows failed. Not only does it reduce your ability to see out and look bad, it also generally means your windows aren’t protecting your home as they should. New windows usually have warranty coverage against this issue. You will want to contact the manufacturer or the window installer and let them know that your window or windows fog up between the glass. They will advise you as to your next steps.

However, if you have older windows, are not the original owner of the home or did not have a window warranty transferred to you as the new owner, you likely need new windows. As windows age, the seals fail. This is fairly common with cheap builder-grade windows starting at about the ten-year mark. And, unfortunately, once it happens to one window, it generally happens to many more throughout the home quickly.

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